Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sometimes It Happens

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, my protagonist, Doreen Wilkinson from Sometimes It Happens... has had a few elocution lessons and the book has now been republished, but Doreen is still Doreen and I still love her. She has joined me today to add her little piece.... go on take away Dor, you tell it your way.......

"Hello everyone, you can be sure me is still me, I might have been given some of that fancy talk malarkey, but I can tell you I'm still good old Doreen Wilkinson. As you know I won the lottery and I can tell you for nothing, it's not all about having plenty of dosh, though we've got our fair share now. But when I ended up with my girl on holiday at Villas Bonitas, nothing, and I mean nothing, could have prepared me for what really happened there. It took more than the wind out of me sails and if I had my way, I'd light up a fag, pour us all a big glass of bubbly and I'd tell you all about it right now, but Pauline, nice enough girl, a tad bossy for my liking, as said I've to keep me trap shut. So if you really want to find out about my week at Villas Bonitas, take a look at me book, Sometimes It Happens.... and sit back enjoy the luxury, the poshness and the surprises! You can find it at Amazon.

"Anyway, thanks for stopping by I hope you'll have a giggle, believe you me I did. Cor blimey, I certainly did!"

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Puerto del Carmen - Carnival Time!

Saturday 25th February was Carnival Day in Puerto del Carmen and what a Carnival it was. The procession started at 5pm and meandered along the long seafront road, 3 hours later it was still flowing. But it was not only the magnificent costumes of the parade that was breathtaking, but those who watched along the entire route. Everyone was into the spirit of the festival including the restaurant, cafe owners, shop workers everyone soaking up the carnival atmosphere. We went as ghosts...... and as well as us, here are just some of the amazing sights that enjoyed the 2012 Carnival!

An finally........

Friday, 24 February 2012

A Wonderful Surprise - Three Desk Top Posters!

Look at what I had today in my inbox - not one, but three gorgeous desk top posters. These fabby posters have been designed by the wonderfully talented, Cathy Helms from Avalon Graphics..... what do you think?

I just love them.... thank you so much Cathy!

Monday, 20 February 2012

I'm in the Virtual Florida Sunshine!

For all of this week, I'm at the amazing Janet Beasley's Author Splash in Florida! Not only is there lots of fabby pics about me and where I live, but Janet as produced an amazing video too!

I hope you'll be able to come along and share Janet's amazing hospitality, you'll find us at http://www.jlbcreatives.blogspot.com/

Oh yes, this is me, but you'll need to come along to Janet's Blog to find out more!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Doreen Wilkinson to get Elocution Lessons, Cor Blimey!

After some reviews about the main character, Doreen Wilkinson being a little difficult to understand, Sometimes It Happens... is being re-edited to soften her accent.

Re-publishing on Kindle is planned before the end of the month. When asked about having these lessons, Doreen said. "I fink it's sad, but if yer can't understan' wot I'm sayin' then yer missin' all about me lottery win an' also wot really happene'!" Giggling added, "Sorry, I meant to say, I think it's sad, but if you can't understand what I'm saying then you're missing all about my lottery win and also what really happened. I hope when my mate Pauline republishes my amazing story in Sometimes It Happens..., because it really did, you'll still read all about what a crazy time I had at Villas Bonitas and I promise to talk proper!"

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I'm Spoilt for Choice are You?

When I'm not writing I love to find a warm comfy spot and read. As well as my Kindle, which I love, we have shelves of books, though most read, but there are a few still to go!  Of late I've changed my reading habits because there is a wealth of new authors out there which I can so easily download to my Kindle.

Last year I decided to read as many new author books as possible and did I read some fantastic book? Of course I did! And I've already got the New Year of to a fabby start with more new author books on my list to read, but here are few I recently read and loved.

The Ghost of You and Me by Joanne Lambert

The Diary of a Misfit Mummy by Amanda Egan

Shades of Appley Green by Miriam Wakerly

To Much Trouble in Paradise by Michelle Betham

And if you are like me and love to read new author's publications can I suggest you take a peek at the BOOKS page over at Famous Five Plus, the choice is mind boggling with over 60 titles and in paperback and Kindle. Oh yes, you can also request to join their chatty Reader's Club.

I'm away to pick my next book, so difficult as they all sound fab!....eeny meeny miny mo, which to read first.....sigh!

Do share wiht us what you love to read: new, old, well known....or?

Sunday, 12 February 2012

My Unexpected Reader!

Now don't we writers just love readers?
Of course we do and the more the merrier. My emotional passionate saga, Satchfield Hall attracted a very unusual reader.....

I'm awaiting to hear what she thinks and to hand her the tissues as she paws her way through the pages!

Friday, 10 February 2012

From Little Acorns... It's the lovely Sheryl Browne

Today, I have the fabby Sheryl Browne reclining around my pool sipping at a glass of bubbly and excitedly telling me all about her best selling debut novel, Recipes for Disaster. Come and join us we've got all the ingredients for a great day!

From Little Acorns…
Recently, I visited my local library. Nothing unusual about that, except this time I wasn’t there to browse, fingering spines and peering under richly coloured book-jackets wrapped tantalisingly around the delicious goodies within. I was there to meet the Library Manager to discuss an author talk and book-signing. The author talk to be given to members invited from book-clubs and art networks throughout the county. The book to be signed: my own. A quite unique book, the Library Manager enthused, and went on to outline how she’d already requested twelve copies to be housed in county libraries and wondered if she could perhaps have a stand housing more in their library.

Ooh, I should think so, was my reply, trying to sound efficient, rather than so effervescent I might pop on the spot and burst with excitement. I’d done it! After twenty years trying to write right, which didn’t pass by agentless and completely without hope, I’d finally got a book published and was being taken seriously as an author! Only a writer can know the sheer joy of being able to justify so much time and emotion invested in something, because, quite simply, you are too passionate about your writing to give up.

For me, though, the joy was threefold. The publisher, you see, had invested in me to a degree. When I approached them, I didn’t have this book. It wasn’t written. Bear with me while I elucidate. I write rom com ~ my aim to leave people with that all-important feel good factor, particularly in today’s gloomy climate. I had sent examples of my work to the publisher and, in truth, expected a rejection. I’d done my homework and realised that perhaps my work wasn’t quite right for them. There was something about their site though, their aims, history and attitude, that made me think… hope …that maybe they could offer me a little advice. Sometimes, approached in the right way, publishers and agents will.

I was thrilled when they did just that. I’m always determined to use suggestions/criticism positively, even when my heart might be sloshing about somewhere shoe-level. Then I was gobsmacked. Safkhet Publishing, it turned out loved my style and asked me to write Recipes for Disaster for them: a truly innovative cookbook with sexilicious rom com recipes!

Would I?

YES! You bet. Now! Immediately. Naturally, I seized the opportunity. I’d love to, I said delightedly. But could I? Uneasy trepidation crept in. Really, could I? Or would doubt cloud my creativity until I could barely string a sentence together? No, it would not! I gave negativity short shrift and began writing, positively. I have to confess waiting for the initial feedback, I ran out of fingernails and almost started on the desk. And then they said Yes! They loved it! Music to a writer’s ears.

And so, with much encouragement from Safkhet Publishing, Recipes for Disaster was born ~ and here I am, about to meet with another local resident. This lady runs her own business, a deli on the High Street, and has an inspired idea to cook from the book, selling the produce at the deli in combination with a book-signing. Like the library, she is also proposing to have the books on the shelf. Hoorah! She has local media contacts and our hope is to bring customers to the High Street, which will be beneficial to all.

This, I think, explains my euphoria ~ and this is one of Safkhet Publishing’s aims: We believe in people helping themselves, so we support other independent businesses and non-profit endeavours.

From little local acorns… Recipes for Disaster, published Feb 1, sold over 5,000 copies in less than a week! What’s more, I now have a further three-book contract!! Somebody To Love, A Little Bit of Madness and Naked Fully Clothed are to be published under the new Safkhet Soul imprint.  THANK YOU, Safkhet!

Recipes for Disaster

The shortest way to a man's heart

Mix romantic comedy and step-by-step cooking instructions. Bake at 200 degrees for an entertaining read and handy guide.

She's a single. He's a widower. She wants him. He wants her. She wants to impress. So does he. There's just one catch – she can't cook. To get him, she needs to get past the big fish – his mother. Lucky her, she's got an Ace up her sleeve and all she's got to do is impress this one time. Bad luck, though, her new guy can't cook either, her dog Rambo is on the loose and now they've got to pull off the big lunch at the club. Will it be a match made in heaven? Will they be able to pull off a culinary miracle? Will their combined efforts result in love at first bite? Or is it simply a Recipe for Disaster?

Format: Paperback. Also available on Kindle

Available from: Amazon, any local bookstore, or direct from Safkhet Publishing

Safkhet Publishing
Website: www.sherylbrowne.com
Author Facebook
Romantic Novelists’ Association
A loveahappyending featured Author
Twitter: @sherylbrowne

Thanks Sheryl for telling us all about your wonderful journey to publishing, Recipes for Disasters, enjoy the bubbly, I think you more than deserve these bottles!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Reviews: Blessing or Curse?

Today, I am over at Famous Five Plus looking at reviews: are they a blessing or a curse and how do we deal with them?
Do pop over and leave your thoughts at http://famousfiveplus.blogspot.com

Monday, 6 February 2012

Aloa Vera Truly Beautiful!

This time of the year, the Aloe Vera plant is beautiful with its poker red blooms creating a contrast between the blue sky and the green rubbery plant.

Aloe Vera can be seen planted all over the island, along roadsides, communal gardens, seafront gardens, hotel gardens, private gardens. It can be a small plant or very large. We have around a dozen medium size in our own garden, but it is only at this time of the year we see its true beauty.

During the periods of no rain, these plant turn a light brown and can look forgotten and dead! But they are not, a sprinkle of water will have them back to light green colour in no time. Mentioning, rain, we have had no real rain here for around ten months!

But Aloe Vera is not just any plant, it is a healing plant and creams and lotions are sold in abundance on the island. The extracts from the plant help heal irritated skin, ease the irritation of shingles, helps re-hydrate skin as well as keeping skin soft and smooth. If you have a tad too much sun and your skin is burning, the way to sooth the soreness is to snip at the Aloe Vera, squeeze out the green jelly type fluid then rub directly onto the burnt skin. It is almost instant in its effect at taking out the sting.

As well as being excellent for the skin, I know of a local lady who drinks the juice from the Aloe Vera plant to help heal her stomach, I have no idea if this is normal, so can not recommend it, but this person insists it is good for her!

Just one of the exotic plants we have on our little pebble in the ocean.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Book Reviewer Extraordinaire, Kim Nash!

Although it is a little overcast down here today, we've still decided to sit round my pool and chat, so please welcome my lovely guest, Kim Nash.

"Hi Pauline, it’s a pleasure to join you on your fabulous terrace in the sunshine. Pass the champers sweetie! *clink*

Thanks so much for inviting me to join you and tell you a little bit about me and why I blog about books. Here goes :

I have always been an avid reader. As a child I remember my Mom telling me not to stay up too late reading, but I would sit up till all hours dying to get to the end! She didn't mind really, she was exactly the same when she was young - obviously where I got it from.

I love a book which makes me think about it, when I’m not reading it. I lose myself in the plots and feel like I’m watching from the shadows. I find it really easy to picture the people and the scenes and there are days when I just can’t wait to get home to find out what the next thing is that is going to happen. I love chick lit, love, humour, crime, stories about spirits, angels and mediums, and I love to read self help type books too. That probably covers most genres really! I just wish I had more time to read. I’d be quite happy to go to bed really early every night to read, but think that makes me a very unsociable member of the family!

I've read so many fabulous books over the years and they just keep on coming. There are many amazing authors out there, and I’m discovering new ones every day, and that makes it very difficult to say who my favourites are. One of the most memorable ones for me, is Lets Meet on Platform 8 by Carole Matthews, a fabulous and emotional read. She is still one of my most favourite authors and I am totally honoured and privileged that I am now a reviewer of her books. I have to admit to being a bit star struck when I speak to her on Twitter or by email! And to think that my little old blog and hobby could possibly help them to sell more books is quite astounding.

When I was young, I always imagined myself having my own book publishing company where I got to read books all day long! Fantastic. I'm now 43 years old (ssshhhh don't tell anyone that please) and never got my dream. However, last year I had a “moment” when I decided that it was about time I did something I really enjoyed doing.

After reading a book called Spring Affair by the wonderful Milly Johnson, I wrote to Milly to tell her how fabulous, motivating and inspirational I found it. It was all about clutter clearing and made me immediately go and clear out my cupboards then look at different aspects of my life. Milly wrote back to me the same day to thank me for my comments and I kept in touch with her a few times. I suppose that was the instigating moment that made me decide to do this blog and when I suggested my idea to her she told me to go for it. I owe a lot to Milly – a lovely lady and a fabulous author.

One of the first people to ask me to review their book was you Pauline and your book Sometimes It Happens was such an enjoyable read, I felt like I could feel the sunshine beating down on my body, and living in the fabulous complex with the rich and famous. My review can be found here http://kimthebookworm.blogspot.com/2011/06/review-sometimes-it-happens-by-pauline.html
 I do believe that I was born to have a life like that which was probably why I could relate to it so much. Maybe one day!

I am Mom to 4 year old Oliver, who keeps me busy and is the love of my life! I work for a PR and editorial agency in Cannock, Staffs called Passionate Media (www.passionatemedia.co.uk). I absolutely love working with the people there, such a genuine and lovely group of people and I am a reviewer and contributor to our family travel website http://www.havealovelytime.com/
which is really enjoyable. We also specialise in helping people with their social media profiles so I get to Facebook and tweet to my heart’s content.

I hope that my wonderful Mom is looking down on me from heaven and is proud of the fact that I've created this blog all about books and that she's happy that I'm able to spend a little of my time doing something that I thoroughly enjoy. I just wish that I could share all these wonderful books with her.

Thanks so much for having me over Pauline and have me whitter on about my hobby. I’ve had a lovely time but I think I’ve talked enough now and I’m probably ready for another glass of bubbly x x"

Thanks for sitting around my pool, enjoy the rest of the bubbly, *hands over a full bottle! *

You can read all of Kim's reviews on her Blog http://kimthebookworm.blogspot.com
Or chat with her on Twitter: @KimTheBookworm

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hearts & Fowers Love & Kisses

February the Month of Love!

As part of my plan to design a poster for each month of the year,
today I share with you my February one!

I just love this photo and decided that this month would be perfect to use it.

Poppy, or Mrs Sausage as she is also called, is one of our gorgeous rescue doggies, she was a very sad little thing when we brought her home.
We'd had only a few weeks when this photo was taken. She was five and half then, now ten and a very happy little doggie these days and bossy! But we love her to bits.

So if you have a pet give them a big hug right now!