Sunday, 24 November 2013

Love or Loath, They're Equal!

"Which do you prefer and which is the best?" This question is put to me often from readers about which of my books I believe is my favourite and the one I enjoyed writing the most.

In honesty, I loved writing them all. Each one has its own merits of love or loath characters. The ruthless and evil Squire of Satchfield Hall who brought so much pain. Bad boy Billy who wanted to love and leave them in Storm Clouds Gathering. Then there is the bubbly and giggly Doreen Wilkinson who won the lottery in Sometimes It Happens. All memorable characters who come alive, take your hand or in the case of the Squire, grip it, sit you down and tell their story.

But whilst I am unable to answer any question on my favourite, it is interesting to know that readers do have their favourites. Last week I spoke to a reader, I met through my weekly book promotions who purchased a paperback copy of Storm Clouds Gathering. "I'm looking forward to reading this,' she enthused, flicking through the 572 pages, 'I loved Satchfield Hall, it made me cry and angry. Sometimes It Happens… made me laugh and yes, a tear spilt down my face too, but my favourite so far is Magnolia House. I love Mrs Leonard and I felt her anger and her pain."

Interestingly, Magnolia House was my first published book and I too loved Mrs Leonard, she was a joy to create. And though I have learnt a great deal over the years, I was humbled that this reader saw only a compelling and moving story.

And this is just one of the joys about going to book promotion each week because I get to meet many readers and hear what they have to say.

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabby week, let's meet up again very soon!

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