Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A Special Offer for Storm Clouds Gathering

Today whilst browsing through Amazon at my books, I know I shouldn't, but I do! I saw that Amazon co uk has the paperback version of Storm Cloud Gathering on special offer! 
Normally £11.99 as I write it is is £7.93.

Storm clouds are gathering, silently and slowly, too far away to worry about. Or so it seems. But ignoring what is brewing will have dire consequences for the people caught up in the maelstrom.

Shirley Burton is too busy cheating on her husband, having a laugh and looking for fun to alleviate the boredom of her childless marriage. Kathleen Mitchell is too wrapped up in running around after her beautiful family to worry about her health. Anne Simpson has two things on her mind: her forthcoming marriage to Paul Betham, who seems to want to control her, and her career, which she does not want to give up.

Can Shirley really expect to deceive her husband and get away with it? Can Kathleen hold it all together, and is Anne able to have the best of everything?

Storm Clouds Gathering is a story of human emotion, passion and heart-rending grief. Set against the backdrop of the mid-sixties, these three families will be tested to the limit as betrayal, loss and love threaten to change their lives forever.

That link again.....

Thanks a million for stopping by and have a fabulous day and I hope the only storm clouds in sight are those in the above paperback!

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