Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Considering Advertising your Book

I probably spend as much time thinking as I do writing and promoting. Thinking about my next chapter, thinking about the situation my characters are in and thinking about how to promote the books I have already published.

Large publishing companies have advertising budgets at their disposal and can, if they choose, make huge splashes in top selling magazines increasing the sales of their author(s) by several factors. Individual authors do not generally have such a resource, but still have the need to widen their audience. Advertising can be prohibited because of the cost, but more and more successful Blog sites, with high hits, are offering advertising for authors at a cost that is reasonable.  The price is usually for 4 weeks or a month, so not locking an author into a long and expensive contract. Many of the Blogs that offer advertising include a link back to the author's web site or Amazon.

I have listed three such sites below, but when checking a Blog site that offers advertising consider:

1. The hits on the site, if not visible ask!
2. Check on what is posted and how often a new post is added
3. Don't be afraid to ask how many hits in a day, a week, a month

There is no guarantee you will sell more books if you advertise on any site, but one thing is certain you will not sell any books if no one knows about your publication.

Here are three Blogs who have started offering cost effective book cover advertising, of course there are many more, but these are three I am happy to recommend. Click on their name to check out what is on offer and good luck!


Carol said...

Thank you for the recommendation, Pauline. :)



Great post Pauline. Thanks so much for the recommendation. xxxx

Kittie Howard said...

Thanks for sharing . . . will check out the sites.

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Carol aka DizzyC You are so welcome and you have a fabulous blog.

Pauline Barclay said...

Hi JB, you too are very welcome you too have a fabulous blog. xx

Pauline Barclay said...

Hello Kitty, thanks for stopping by and I hope you like what you see. :)