Friday, 2 October 2015

Eileen Schuh - Sitting Round My Pool

Sitting round my pool today, is an amazing author who really provokes emotion in her books, Eileen Schuh, all the way from Canada

Describe yourself in three words
Passionate Crime Writer

Favourite Food in no more than 10 words
I have so many...too many! Note to self: diet

Favourite colour in more than 10 words
Aquamarine, “a bluish tint of cerulean toned toward cyan”. To me, it’s a portal to all things spiritual

Favourite place to visit on no more than 10 words 
the Rocky Mountains

How many books are published under your name?

List their titles
The four books in my BackTracker series:
THE TRAZ School Edition
and my two SciFi novellas:

Provide the blurb from one book


While working with the Alberta Police force, young Constable Katrina Randal has become a master at breaking through computer security in her pursuit of cybercrime but when the criminals behind the firewalls turn out to be villains from her past, her job takes on a much more dangerous tone.

Obsessed with haunting memories and wracked by emotions she can’t name, her nightmarish ordeal turns uglier as she ignores orders and takes to the street to lure the criminals from the shadows of cyberspace to face justice.

As she slides deeper into the darkness, she fears she’s waited too long to trust and love; her criminal associates from the past are on the verge of stealing her future and Corporal Chad Leslie, who she’s loved since the beginning of time, is mere steps away from walking out of her life forever.

Thanks for popping along and meeting today's guest, please come back tomorrow for another super peep and more sunshine!

Pauline x


Eileen Schuh: said...

Thanks for having me, Pauline. I believe your pool is aquamarine...Can I jump in now?

Pauline Barclay said...

Jump in Eileen and enjoy :)