Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Inky Ocean, Inky Garden to bring the artist out in you!

Today I have someone very special on my Blog and I am sure when you see the amazing paintings and learn about her fabulous books, you will understand why I see Helen Elliston as a very talented and special lady. So please help yourself to a glass of bubbly and settle down to be amazed.... Take it away Helen...

I've been an artist ever since I could hold a pencil and brush. There's something very fulfilling and satisfying about turning a blank surface into something beautiful and visually engaging.  When I heard that adult colouring was becoming more popular, I knew that creating my own book was something I needed to do.  So I began sketching ideas, soon became completely absorbed by it, and from there the illustrations for my first book 'Inky Ocean' grew.  It was a great learning process too.  I learned so much about the creative process, technical issues of getting my designs on the computer, and content, which I have carried through to my second book.  I aimed to include a good variety of designs, from actual scenes to pretty designs and patterns. I didn't want the book to be full of the same types of images as it's nice to have a variety.  Plus I wanted to ensure I included images to suit varied ability and mood. Sometimes you are in the mood for a simpler, quick design with areas to loosen up your wrist and shade... Other times you might enjoy tackling something more intricate.

I have enjoyed every moment of creating these books.  It is no lie that I have pulled countless fifteen hour days and worked into the early hours on these books, gone through glee and frustration...  To create around sixty illustrations takes time, effort and passion, and so I'm delighted that my book is being well received.

Everyone colours in their own style... That's the beauty of colouring, that each person's take is different from style, medium to colour scheme.  Once I had completed the first book, I then began colouring some of the designs myself.  It is very relaxing and you can get lost for hours while busy colouring away.  But I also wanted to see what could be achieved from my illustrations.  I'm now colouring some of the illustrations from Inky Garden.  With my pens and pencils, dogs by my side, music on and some nibbles... It's a great way to spend an evening!

Inky Garden blurb... (Due for release 2nd week November)

Over 60 single-sided varied illustrations, with quests and cute garden visitors along your leafy adventure.  Including... colour and fold your very own 3D paper flower and bookmark!
Adequately sized spaces within the designs help offer you an enjoyable experience (not so small that it’s too difficult to colour, although you have the option to combine the spaces with one shade- allowing the lines to be just the texture of the leaf or flower) plus areas where you can loosen up your wrist a little to colour and shade or add your own doodles!

Large illustrations are single-sided, with smaller embellishments on the reverse (left pages)
Inky Garden is the second book in this series after Inky Ocean.  I hope you enjoy bringing them to life!

Inky Garden.... the link to Amazon to buy your copy...

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