Sunday, 25 September 2016

Brilliantly Written!

I don't think there is an author that is not taken aback at receiving reviews for their books. I know I am and I also know I will always remain humble and grateful.

Today, on Amazon I saw this review for The Wendy House; for me it was a book that was painful to write and is, no doubt, painful to read, but nonetheless, it is a story that must be told. Here is what the reviewer said...

"This book is Brilliantly Written, leaving you wanting to keep reading but not wanting it to end. It's very deep and you can feel the heartbreak of both the eldest daughter, and then for her parents side of things. I don't like to give stories away, but I can highly recommend this from Pauline Barclay. She's very creative and can't wait to read more of her work. Thank you Pauline for an incredible read."

You can read this review on Amazon co uk 

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