Friday, 20 January 2017

A B.R.A.G. Award for The Wendy House

I'm sooo excited to announce that my latest book, The Wendy House has been honoured with a B.R.A.G. Award I can’t begin to tell you how seriously happy I feel.

I never get over that nervous feeling, despite having six books published, when my baby is set free into the big wide world. I know it is the same for many authors when, having cherished their hard work from conception and then letting it take flight.
I always feel honoured when readers leave a review either publicly or via an email to me personally, so receiving a B.R.A.G. Award is not just the icing on the cake, but the cherry too.

Here is the blurb from my Award winning book…

When Nicola changes overnight from a bright, happy young child into a sullen, rebellious girl, ceasing to show interest in anything or anyone around her, her parents struggle to understand why. As she develops into a difficult, troubled, hostile teenager they put it down to hormones, believing it will pass. Yet Nicola goes from bad to worse and no matter how much her mother tries to reach out to her, it seems she is hell bent on self-destruction. When she leaves home at seventeen, rushing into the arms of a man ten years her senior and quickly becoming pregnant, her despairing mother almost gives up on her. A decade later, the events that stole Nicola’s childhood and changed the course of her life threaten finally to destroy her. She knows if she is to cling on to her sanity she must tell her mother the dreadful secret she has carried all these years, but her fear that she will be met with disbelief, hostility and branded an evil liar drives her to the edge.

A heart-rending story of betrayal, secrets and gripping fear.

This Dedication and Special Thank You is added to both Kindle and paperback versions of The Wendy House.

This book is pure fiction. The people and places are from my imagination and bare no relation to anyone living or dead. However, I could not have written this book without the help of a special person I met some years ago. What this lovely, brave lady shared with me, not only broke my heart, but will live with me forever. Yet despite the pain of her years of abuse, she wanted me to write a book on this subject. For this courageous, beautiful lady, I dedicate, The Wendy House.
This is for you lovely with all my love.

Thank you, not only, for stopping by, but for all your wonderful friendship and support. Without you I may never have been able to write this post.

I hope the sun is shinning in your heart and on your face.


My first love


Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Many congratulations, Pauline! So very well deserved.

Pauline Barclay said...

Thank you so much Deborah. Hugs xxx