Friday, 1 December 2017

Let's Get Christmassy with... JB - Debbie Johnston

We’re getting festive here with some special peeps and today we get Christmassy with 

JB (Debbie)

Hello JB (Debbie)

Please tell us a little about you and if you are a reader, Blogger or author.

Hi Pauline, thanks for having me! Well, I hail from sunny Northern Ireland and I’m a reader, blogger AND author! I’ve always had my nose stuck in a book since I can remember and have burned a few dinners in my time because I’ve been so engrossed in a book. I also blog over at Brook Cottage Books where I coordinate virtual book tours for authors as well as sharing reviews. And, I’ve written a novel which has been critiqued by a reader in the Romantic Novelists Association New Writers Scheme. Still a lot of work to do!

What is your favourite Christmas memory?

Oh I have a couple! One is waking up one Christmas morning when my son was little to find it had snowed! What an amazingly magical Christmas! And the other is when my husband proposed to me on Christmas Eve! Down on one knee with a ring! The whole romantic thing!

What is your favourite Christmas food?

Well, I’m a vegetarian so I make my own secret recipe stuffing that my family all seem to adore now! I have to make an extra batch especially for my niece to take home after dinner! She’s addicted to it and she’s not even a vegetarian!

What is your favourite Christmas song?

It’s got to be Fairy Tale of New York by The Pogues! Come the 1st Dec every year this becomes my phones ring tone! It drives everyone mad!

What is your favourite Christmas photo? Please tell us why

Gosh I have so many! There’s a lovely photo somewhere taken by my sister in law of me and my husband about an hour after he proposed to me. We look so happy………..and terrified! Unfortunately, I can’t find it! Arghhhhhh!!! I also have a fab selfie photo of myself, my husband and our 4 children and dog. We are all wearing our Christmas Eve pj’s! Well not the dog but we have some for him this year! Oh and another one of my son trying to pull my husband’s wellington boots off him after taking the dog for a walk on Christmas day. My husband is wearing a Santa hat and beard! And then there’s me dressed as an elf for the office Christmas lunch! But I do adore this one of my dog on Christmas day just chilling! He kept his hat on all day!

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Please come back tomorrow to find out what makes Kiltie Jackson's Christmas Christmassy

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