Friday, 1 December 2017

Let’s Get Christmassy…with Kiltie Jackson

We’re getting festive here with some special peeps and today we get Christmassy with 

Kiltie Jackson

Hello Kiltie

Please tell us a little about you and if you are a reader, Blogger or author.

Hi Pauline, thank you for guesting me on your Christmas Blog. I am an author and I released my first novel in September 2017. It’s called A Rock ‘n’ Roll Lovestyle and Christmas features very heavily within it. It also features cats, The Sound of Music, Austria and a rather tasty chart-topping musician.

What is your favourite Christmas memory?

Being surrounded by my family when I was a child.

Both of my parents came from large families and they always seemed to descend on our home for the festive season. It was quite chaotic and, being Glaswegian, could also be rather raucous. But it was lots of fun and, being the baby of the group, I was usually pretty spoilt!  There was always singing and dancing and it sticks in my mind of being a happy and innocent time.

What is your favourite Christmas food?

All of it! Oh, you want me to be more specific… In that case, I am a sucker for Stollen Bites. It used to be Christmas Cake but I recently discovered Stollen Bites and the cake had to be down-graded. I prefer the bites to a full size Stollen because I find they have a bit more flavour. And it’s also easier to forget to stop eating them…

What is your favourite Christmas song?

‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ by Slade. It is such a good sing-a-long, stomp-a-long song, which makes you want to get up and dance and simply fills me with Christmas joy every time I hear it. I love it!

What is your favourite Christmas photo? Please tell us why

I’m not one for photographs and you will rarely find one of me. Therefore, my favourite Christmas photo is this idyllic little snow scene which was taken in Salzburg on my first wedding anniversary. Mr Mogs and I were married in December and it seemed only fitting to visit the city I love the most, with the man I love the most, on our special day. While neither of us appears in the photograph, it always reminds me of the special time we had there, walking through all the Christmas markets and sharing the joyous feeling of the excitement in the air as people revelled in the festive atmosphere.

You can find Kiltie at all these places ....

Please come back tomorrow to find out what makes Daisy James Christmas Christmassy

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