Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Five Stars for West Yorkshire based Novel

I continue to focus on my Yorkshire theme and later this week I will be talking to best selling author, Andrew Barrett whose chilling, thrilling books are set in and around Leeds. However, before we meet my special guest, I want to share with you a beautiful review for Storm Clouds Gathering. A new five star review appeared on Amazon and Goodreads last week and took my breath away. The reason I share this wonderful review with you today is not only because I am thrilled, but the timing fits perfectly into my Yorkshire special theme.

Storm Clouds Gathering is set in a mill town in West Yorkshire in the mid-sixties and tells the story of three couples who live in a period of time that is full of promise and full of change.

Here is one or two snippets from this latest FIVE star review…

“The detail contributes to the fascination of this book.”

“I found it hard to put this book down because I was captivated and needed to know how everything resolved.”

“Storm Clouds Gathering would lend itself beautifully to a film, or even better to a TV series. For anyone who can remember the 1960s it’s fascinating. And for anyone who can’t it will give a good idea of what they missed.”

You can read the full review on Amazon co uk

Needless to say, I am smiling in my heart and on my face. Have a fabulous day, thank you for stopping by and please come back to meet, Andrew Barrett.

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