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Yesterday Uncovered with Lies of the Dead by Shauna Bickley

This month on Yesterday Uncovered we slip back to 2000 to 2018

Sitting, in the shade, on a recliner at the side of my pool is Shauna Bickley, the author of Lies of the Dead, so please help yourself to a glass of chilled bubbly, a plate of tapas, then make yourself comfortable and enjoy slipping back to the 2000s.

Tell us a little about yourself

Hello Pauline and thank you for inviting me to share the sunshine by your pool.
I live in New Zealand but I was born and grew up in England. In the time between those two I’ve managed to do quite a bit of travelling.
I’ve written for years, mostly murder mysteries, but occasionally I like to mix it up and write a romance/click-lit novel. When I’m not writing or thinking about writing you can find me walking on the coastal tracks and beaches close to where I live in the North Island.

What inspired you to write about the 2000s?

If I’m honest, it’s probably because there is less research to do, but mostly because the stories and characters that come to me inhabit that era. Even writing relatively close to our current time period, the speed that technology changes does mean there is some research required to ensure I’m not using current technology or social media that didn’t exist just a few years ago.

Tell us little about the story and its plot without giving too much away

The novel is set mainly in a small Cornish village. Tom is told that his brother, Liam is missing, presumed dead with the death later considered a suicide by the police. Tom cannot believe that his brother killed himself, and so he and his sister Andi begin to search for clues.
Andi is also going through personal troubles as she has recently separated from her husband and this causes difficulties with their teenage twin daughters.
As Tom and Andi dig into Liam’s affairs they find themselves caught in the complex web of his criminal acquaintances and ultimately in great danger.

Is any part of the story based on facts / real events?

The novel is pure fiction, however during my research I was amazed at how many ‘fake’ suicides have been discovered around the world. The Cornish village is fictionalised to suit the requirements of the novel but it is based on a real village.

Are any of the characters based on someone real or are they pure fiction?

All my characters are pure fiction, but some do share quirks and characteristics that I notice, but not from people I know well.

If research was necessary what did this involve?

Compared to a historical novel there wasn’t too much research but I find that all novels require some research. For this novel I needed to find out journey times across various countries in Europe and the times of ferry services that would match the story plot lines. And there are always interesting quirks such as how much does one million pounds weigh and how many bags are needed to carry that amount. It’s amazing how much you can find on the internet. I do worry sometimes about getting mixed up in a murder and the police checking my internet browsing history!

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Thank you for stopping by and meeting Shauna

On Thursday we meet...

Until next time, I hope the sun is shinning on your face and in your heart.

Pauline x

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