Monday, 1 July 2019

Available for Pre-Order, The Birthday Card

It is an exciting and nervous time as my latest baby is about to be set free into the big wide world. The Birthday Card, will be published on 12th July in Kindle (paperback to follow later this year).

Over the last months, Doreen Wilkinson and her daughter, Trisha, have sat at my side and giggled away telling me their story. They have made me laugh out loud, chuckle quietly and occasionally, Doreen, has made me feel a little emotional. How can fictional characters do this?

Over the years, I have enjoyed writing all my other books and loved my characters equally. Yet this book has been a joy to write and as much as I want it published, it is always hard to let your characters go, but, and I do say but, who knows, maybe, there could be another book in the future with these two wonderful characters.

The blurb!

Doreen Wilkinson, a woman in her mid-thirties and single mother to a seventeen-year-old daughter, going on thirty, can never imagine life will be anything other than the daily slog of trying to keep body and soul together.

Running late for work, she hurries out of her flat and sees a balloon bobbing on a thin ribbon tied to her neighbour’s door handle. Realising it must be the old boy’s birthday she decides to get him a birthday card at the same time as she picks up a packet of cigarettes from the corner shop.

Whilst the cigarettes will go up in smoke, the purchase of the birthday card will change her life forever.

The Birthday Card is a feel good, light-hearted read that will have you laughing out loud.

“Very touching look into the life of Doreen Wilkinson, and how she handled the surprise of her life. Fun and funny, Doreen is an endearing character with a big heart that will have you cheering for her. An excellent prequel to Sometimes it Happens. Delightful!” Julie Dexter

“Ms Barclay has an ability to take a reader from sorrow to mirth in an instant.”

The Birthday Card is available to pre-order from all Amazon sites


Madalyn Morgan said...

The Birthday Card sounds like a lovely read Pauline. I wish you every success.

Pauline Barclay said...

Thank you Madalyn, for your kind words and friendship. xxx