Thursday, 13 February 2020

Inspired by a True Story

Magnolia House was the first of my seven published novels. It has two aspects that relate to real life; one the house on the cover is a real property in Cornwall and secondly, the writing of Magnolia House was inspired by a true story. 

It is often said that real life is far more unbelievable than fiction and, like me, you have no doubt come across stories that sound impossible to be true, but they are. My story about Jane Leonard seemed nothing short of fiction because how could someone be so cruel? Whilst all my characters are fiction, the basis of the story was based on a real event. However, whilst it was inspired by a true story, it is fiction.

Jane Leonard lived alone after her husband had died years earlier, however the unexpected arrival home of her only son, with wife and baby, changed everything for Jane. The last thing she wanted was for her little family to leave and return to their foreign home. She would do anything to ensure they stayed and to encourage this she gave half of her home to her son and wife as a belated wedding present. What should have been the start of years of happy families was quickly dashed. No sooner had the ink dried on the contract, when Jane was forced to sell her home; a home that she had lived in for nearly fifty years. 

Tragedy had struck. Instead of standing together as a united family they were bitterly divided. No amount of pleading would change what would happen and before she knew it, Jane had to sell her beloved Magnolia House. Heartbroken, she wondered if anything could be salvaged from the nightmare that had ripped her family apart.

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