Wednesday, 1 April 2020

A Short Story by Leighton aged 9 - A Journey into the Amazon Rainforest

By Leighton aged 9 years old

Today, I went into the Amazon rainforest. I had only spent five minutes in the forest when a big scary jaguar chased me deep into the rainforest. I managed to stay alive by hiding in the bushes, thankfully it ran straight past me.

It wasn’t long before I found myself deep in the forest, exactly where I needed to be. I looked down and there was a tiny poison dart frog so close to me, with a wiggle and a jump I managed to get out the way. With a quick step, I walked a bit further into the forest to explore as that’s what I am, an explorer.
There up in the trees, the super tall trees, was a sloth hanging upside down. Sloths have three toes and are very good climbers, that’s how it is able to be so far up in the trees and this is why you should always look up too. I tried to get a photo, but the sloth hid from me. There was nothing I could do because I am not a good climber like sloths.

I decided to trek further into the forest heading towards the Amazon river. The Amazon river is pretty cool as it is the second largest river in the whole world. The morning whizzed by and I hadn’t had lunch yet. My mum had packed my favourite lunch in my bag, sausage sandwiches. I decided to build a den to have my lunch in so that the hungry jaguars couldn’t find me whilst I ate. When you build a den you must use branches and twigs with leaves, because it makes it safer. It took forever, but finally it was built and I took my lunch out of my bag. ‘Oh no!’ I cried out. The ants had found my lunch. I managed to knock all the ants off, but to my surprise a very big ant eater appeared in front of me. It started eating all the ants, and oh wait, there went my sandwich! That was my lunch over. It was time to pack up and keep going towards the river. Just as I was ready to leave my den a big group of hungry jaguars came walking by. I hid and held my breathe hoping they wouldn’t find me. Luckily they had heard another animal and ran off into the darkness. Luckily, I was not on the menu for their lunch today. Time to keep trekking to the river. 
My legs were tired and I became sleepy, but I kept going because that is what explorers do. I finally reached the river and to my surprise there was a black caiman right there in front of me in the water. Gulp! Black caiman look like giant logs in the water, but you must be careful as they have sharp teeth. It was time to get my camera out and get some pictures. The black caiman was on the hunt, they eat fish. I managed to get lots of very good photos of the caiman eating.

My adventure in the Amazon rainforest came to an end. It was almost time to head back home, but before that I wanted to try and see a pink dolphin. Pink dolphins are the only type of dolphins to live in the Amazon river.
I followed the path next to the river and kept my eyes peeled. I heard something in the water, crikey, it was a pink dolphin! It was my first time seeing one as this is the only place they live. I whipped out my camera and took some great photos.

Eventually, it was time to head home. I’d had a fantastic day in the forest. Marching down the rough pathway, I slipped and fell. My knee bled. It really hurt, but luckily my super mum had put plasters and bandages in my bag. I quickly patched up my knee, but it was still really sore. I had to limp the rest of the way. It was a long walk to the edge of the forest. As I limped out, to my excitement my mum and dad where there waiting for me. I had so much to tell them about my adventure.
Back home and after a bath and some food, I needed the food because I didn’t get my lunch, and all cosy in my pyjamas, I told them all about my adventure. I’d had a great day and was very happy to be all snuggly at home now.
That is the end of my adventure in the woods.

Thank you, Leighton for a wonderful story and what an adventure!
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Unknown said...

Great story. This young man had obviously done a lot of research. Top marks for that.
Sorry about the sausage sandwich 😥
Well done 📓

J.Dex said...

What a wonderful story and a great adventure into the Rain Forest! So many fascinating animals. Well written and researched. Thank you for sharing your story. I look forward to reading more from this young writer. Excellent!