Monday, 13 April 2020

Ten Steps to a One-Place Study with Janet Few

Today, I am excited to have the lovely, Janet Few, visiting PB Blog Towers, via social media. Sitting round my pool had to end due to the lockdown. So if you have ever thought about investigating what happened, to a place, a building, inhabitants or more, then please settle back and meet my wonderful guest who will lead you down the path of discovery.

As an author, my books, both fiction and non-fiction, reflect my love of history. I am fascinated by human behaviour, past and present, real and fictional. My non-fiction books encompass family history, local history and social history. As for fiction, my second novel, based on a true story and set in seventeenth century Devon, is nearing completion. As a diversion from a tricky final chapter, which is actually chapter ten of twelve (long story), I decided that I would publish a short guide to one-place studies. One-place studies are a fascinating blend of family history and local history. This form of micro-research is becoming increasingly popular amongst genealogists and local historians. A one-place study involves investigating a small geographical area in minute detail, researching the inhabitants, the buildings and the institutions within that place, as well as the events that took place there.

I had already published a guide to this type of research Putting Your Ancestors in their Place (Family History Partnership 2014) and there are only a few copies of this remaining. This book concentrated on British studies but one-place studies are a worldwide discipline. It was time for a new booklet that had an international feel. Ten-Steps to a One-Place Study is just that. It is a short, introductory guide for those who are just starting on their one-place journey and for more experienced one-placers who would like direction or inspiration, or who are seeking a more organised approach to their study. It outlines ten steps, that will lead to a successful one-place study, ranging from choosing your place, through collecting and analysing data, to presenting and preserving your study.

Now I will be returning to work on my own one-place studies, three in Devon and one in Northumberland. Oh and completing that pesky final chapter. For more about my chaotic, historical and sometimes hysterical life, part of which is lived in the seventeenth century, take a look at my website

Ten Steps to a One-Place Study is available in print
or as an ebook The price for either version is £5. It can be read for free on Kindle Unlimited. It is also available at and

In addition, I tutor an online course Nine Steps to a One-Place Study for Pharos Teaching and Tutoring

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