Saturday 23 October 2021

The Hatch by Charlie Cains - 12 years old


The short story below was written by a twelve-year-old. It is short, but hauntingly beautiful.



Pale, palpitating hands fiddle with an oxidised latch.  A rippling, ringing heartbeat, shivering hands, waves of chilling paranoia engulf the traveller.  Luminescent moonlight gleams with a cloak of darkness encroaching.  The faint hum of the rotting hatch beckons the frail beast.

A click rings through the deathly muted atmosphere.  It's as if it were controlled by psychokinesis, it shuts on his hand.  Agony.  He kicks it open and retrieves his bloodied hand.   With a final burst of courage and confidence, he leaps to the hatch.  A cold hand grabs him.

Written by Charlie Cains (aged 12)

Blenheim High School, Epsom

Charlie received a Certificate of Merit 2021 for an original piece of creative writing that was selected for publication in a Young Writers' Anthology.

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