Friday 2 February 2024

February - Newsletter

Created using AI prompts and Photoshop


Hello and a warm welcome to my February newsletter.

I hope my latest newsletter finds you well and that life is treating you kindly.

My newsletter has moved!

The last couple of years, I have used Mailerlite to send my news letters, however, their recent policy that certain email addresses are no longer permitted to send newsletters, means I have decided to move my newsletter back to my Blog. It will still be the same fun packed read to make you smile. *fingers crossed*

As I write, I find it hard to believe we have come to the end of January and now marching into February! At least the days are growing lighter. 😊

This last month I met an amazing young man who survived horrific bullying. It was the unbending support from his mum and a wonderful charity in Norfolk, Red Balloon, that changed everything; from a terrified young boy to an amazing young man, Sam is an inspiration to everyone. His journey over the last fifteen years has been one from the darkest of days to a bright future. Sam has agreed to share his journey. We plan to do this with regular posts and podcasts throughout 2024. By doing so, we hope we can help others who find themselves in a similar situation. We will also highlight the fantastic work Red Balloon, Norwich, Norfolk, UK does to help young people like Sam. You can read our first post by clicking here and to listen to our first podcast by clicking here


For many months, I have been sharing a few of the many photos I take. Here are a few taken this last month


With regard to my newsletter, if you do agree to allow me to send a link to your email address to let you know it is out, I want to reassure you that you can unsubscribe at any time, just email me and say remove me. Also I will NEVER use your email other than if I need to email you. I will never share with anyone else.

As to the content, it is designed to be fun with me sharing: my photos, snippets of information, offers or free books from award winning authors, a design or two I have created using my Photoshop and anything else that I think might interest you. It is not about my opinion on any matter. I want my newsletter to make you smile and leave you with a warm feeling.


Celebrating Success – My Podcasts

Celebrating Success has never been more appropriate as today, my wonderful and amazing guest is, Samual Ridge-Ward. Sam was the victim of horrific bullying. Throughout 2024, Sam is going to share his journey from being a young boy who thought life was almost over, to a successful, professional charity worker. Sam will be a regular guest here on my podcast and also on my blog so please, please make a note to come back.

Sam’s story is disturbing and though I know much of what happened, I still found talking to him today very moving. Please sit back and meet a truly remarkable young man.

So please sit back and enjoy meeting my wonderful guest.

Click HERE to listen

If you have missed any of the many podcasts, you can catch up at https://paulinebarclay.podbean...

You can also listen to ALL my podcast on SPOTIFY!


Edit Time!

At last I can report, I have started on the edits of book 3 in my Gardner & Chattaway cosy mystery series. The working title is: Dare! My wonderful editor, Julie Dexter has agreed to work on this book too!


A Gardner & Chattaway Cosy Mystery – Book 2

 Craig Gardner, Private Investigator and his young Assistant, Roo Chattaway, find themselves once again unraveling lies, deceit and buried secrets.

Why are debt collectors hounding new occupants at number one? Is Linda Keegan responsible for the missing £25,000 from the factory Christmas Club Fund? Could there be a connection between a suicide and a house being demolished? And, how did a smartly dressed woman end up sleeping rough on a river boat?

 Past Secrets and Lies, is the second book in a series of cosy, feel good, mystery novellas.

Available in Kindle and paperback


This month's author give away!

If you haven't downloaded your copy of The Stove, then click HERE to get your free e-copy.

The link will take you to Bookfunnel. It will ask for your email address. You can then read on-line or download to your e-reader


As well as writing, photography, going to the gym, cooking and much more, I love to keep busy! I also love crafting. During these long dark days, I have managed to squeeze a few knitted and sewn toys, Below are a sample of some of my results.

Do you craft? If so why not join our Knit & Natter FB page. It is a private group where we share our projects, advice and help.

By the way, I call my little knits and sews, Misfits by Pauline!

That's it for this newsletter. It's another bumper one this month.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read it.

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Until next time, I hope the sun is shining on your face

and in your heart.

Take care. Look after yourself and each other.




Kit Domino said...

Excellent anf interesting newsletter. Well done. Love the little guys you have made and great photos, as always. Kit

Pauline Barclay said...

Thank you so much Kit. I more than appreciate you taking the time to comment and read. Hugs P x