Monday 29 January 2024

Podcast - Victim of Horrific Bullying

Today, on my podcast is an amazing young man, Samual Ridge-Ward who talks about the years of bullying and how it almost destroyed him.

 Throughout 2024, Sam is going to share his journey from being a young boy who thought life was almost over, to the successful, professional charity worker he is today. 

However, he could never be where he is today without the strength and determination of his mum and the fantastic work of Red Balloon, Norwich, Norfolk, UK. 

Over the coming months you will find his journey harrowing and disturbing, but please do come back and listen to Sam. Please click on the link below to to listen to the first podcast in the series.

As always, a huge thank you for joining me on this week’s podcast and I can’t wait to share your company again very soon. And of course you can listen to all my podcasts at  - or on SPOTIFY  you can also sign up so not to miss any of my podcasts! As with all my podcasts you are more than welcome to share them with your family and friends…. I hope you will.



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