Sunday 17 March 2024

Tormentors - Royalties to Charity


Now in Paperback!

Whilst Tormentors is a short story, 12,000 words, 60 pages in total, the price is £4.99.

 For those familiar with using Amazon to publish your work, you will know they set a minimum price for your book. This is because they take over 40% from sales. To ensure I get at least £1 royalty (royalties will go to charity) from the sale of paperback copies and Kindle downloads, I have set the price as £4.90 for paperback and £1.80 for Kindle.

This means the charity Red Balloon, Norwich will receive at least £1 per copy sold.

I will also be selling signed copies local to where I live with any profit going to the charity.

 However, it is not just about raising funds, but to help create as much awareness as possible about the evilness of bullying and its consequences.

Bullying can be life changing or worse; life ending.

Tormentors is fiction - a short story of 12,000 words, but some of what happened to Dillan happened to Sam, a real victim. You can read Sam’s posts by scrolling down through the pages or clicking the links at the bottom of this post.

 Tormentors is a gripping, utterly heartbreaking page turner.

Dillan Mortimer, a happy intelligent thirteen-year-old,

 suddenly finds his life is about to change when a new boy,

 Connor Brooks, joins their class.

 Connor instantly befriends Dillan’s classmate,

 Bradley Jenkins.

Bullying will What follows will change Dillan’s life forever.


Kindle – Amazon UK is £1.80

Paperback – Amazon UK is £4.99


All royalties from the sale of Tormentors

All royalties from the sale of Tormentors

 will go to RedBalloon, Norwich, England.

Links to Sam' posts

 Bullying, life threatening, life ending

Bullying! What does it mean to you?

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