Thursday, 3 October 2019

Based on a True Story - Magnolia House

Magnolia House is my debut novel and when published back in 2009, I never dreamed I would go on to write six more novels, and, learn so much.

Whilst Magnolia House is fiction, the concept is based on a true story. The real story was heart breaking and ended very different to Magnolia House. Some events never leave you and sometimes you have to share them.

When tragedy strikes the Leonard family instead of standing together as a united family they are instead bitterly divided. Jane Leonard’s gift, of less than a year earlier, of fifty percent of her house to her only son is now the cause of her imminent homelessness. The home she had not only lived in for five decades, but had conceived and brought her two children into the world and watched them grow, is now the centre of a hostile sale. Magnolia House must now be sold and the proceeds divided.

“Magnolia House is a beautiful story about families and how one tragedy can set in motion events that will change the lives of those involved in the selling and buying of Jane Leonard’s home. At times the reader will find humour and other times great emotion, but this book will leave the reader reaffirming their beliefs in kindness, friendship, family and hope.”

Magnolia House is available in paperback and Kindle from ALL Amazon sites and can be ordered from all High Street book shops.

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