Thursday, 28 November 2019

Difficult to Write, Heart breaking to Read

Whilst, The Wendy House is fiction it covers a real and frightening event that continues to happen today. Even the soaps on TV are running story lines to help highlight and bring to our attention the nightmares that haunt children who have and are being abused.

Writing, The Wendy House, was extremely difficult and harrowing. And whilst all my characters and the events are fiction the reality is that much of the information about abuse was told to me by a person whose life is crippled with the memories of the abuse she had to live through.

I don’t argue that, The Wendy House is an easy book to read. It isn’t.
 It is about a beautiful family who trusted and loved.
It is about lies, fear and secrets.
It is about surviving against all the odds.

Turning each page will have you hesitating and wondering if you can carry on.
It will make you angry.
It will make you scream out.
It will make you weep.

Yet despite all of this, I do hope you will find the courage to read, The Wendy House. I know you will feel all the pain my character feels, but please would you give a kind thought to the brave person who told me so much about what had happened to her.
The Wendy House is dedicated to this very brave young lady.

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