Thursday, 7 November 2019

Simply the Best!

“You know every time I hear this song from Tina Turner, I cringe, not because it's weird or anything like that, but it reminds me of our old neighbour’s birthday. Not that I was there, lordy, lordy, no! But my Mama was and believe you me you would cringe if you knew what she got up to, but let’s not go there for now. It’s not good for my street cred! Erasing that scene from my brain, I’ve been thinking more about the words and have decided that this song is my Mama and sums her up perfectly.

“You can easily recognise her, or maybe I should say, you would hear her long before you spotted her. Not that she shouts or anything, she just giggles… a lot!

“When it comes to clothes, these days she has lots, but in the past her wardrobe would have fitted into a draw, which it did. But no amount of coat hangers she now has can change what she loves and that is anything that glitters; the more bling the better. I’m sure if she could wear one of those twiddling dance room balls, she would.  Before our World turned upside down, and believe you me it catapulted us out of the universe, Mama bought a dress from a charity shop. It was almost given to her because no one would buy it. The lady who worked in the shop said it was hideous, but my Mama thought it was the best thing she’d seen in years. I almost freaked out when she cavorted into the lounge, flinging her arms in the air, and crying out, “Da daaaaa…” Stunned, I stared. The dress was short and covered in purple sequins. I was speechless! The next day she wore it to a meeting at a posh bank we had to attend after everything had kicked off… (Sorry, I’ve been told not say any more about this, though I’m allowed to say, it’s all in The Birthday Card).

As well as giggling, my Mama smokes way too much, believe you me I wonder how my lungs still work with all the fog that fills our lives. I swear she’s kept Mr Greedy, (the corner shop) in tobacco business over the years.

During my Mama’s short life, she’s in her mid-thirties, a lot has happened, some ordinary stuff and some blow your mind stuff, but whilst she is a crazy, giggling scary Mama, she is my Mama and I love her to the moon and back, but don’t tell her as she’ll go all weird and want to cuddle and kiss me…. Gross! I’m seventeen for goodness sake!

She sang this song, using an empty beer bottle for a microphone after leaping onto the neighbour’s coffee table and belting it out at Jack’s birthday party. Thankfully I wasn’t there. So this is for you Mama because to me you are simply the best.

Simply the Best by Tina Turner

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The Birthday Card and Sometimes It Happens…

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*Warning* You might find yourself laughing out loud or worse giggling far too often.


Helen Hollick said...

Well I for one think your Mama is very much Simply The Best because she brings so much laughter into the world!

Pauline Barclay said...

Oh my, the pirate author has commented on my post, my Mama will freak at this as she loves her and loves the pirate more! Thank you Miss Hollick, she does change the world with her giggling...! Love Trisha x