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10 Characters Share Their Personality

Ten wonderful characters have stopped by at PB HQ to share their personalities, as they settle in their favourite chair, please help yourself to a drink. There’s most “tipple of choice” at the bar, then make yourself comfortable and meet some, good, bad and … well you decide, characters.

Q. How would you describe yourself?
Are you a happy go lucky person, a control freak, a devious person, an emotional person, love helping others, gets a thrill out of outsmarting your fellow colleagues… or are you something else? Do reveal…!

Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians from To Be A Queen by Annie Whitehead

I am Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians. My father, Alfred the Great, often went to war and I saw what that did to my mother, cowing her with worry. Still, I didn’t think the Viking wars would affect my prospects and I used to be full of hope. I admit to being judgmental about my husband and his countrymen, but I learned some harsh lessons, realising I needed to grow up and stop feeling sorry for myself. I know the importance of duty and when self-doubt threatens, I lift my chin and try to rise to the challenge. I have a temper and throw things when I’m angry, but that has been helpful at times. I am fiercely loyal, and not afraid to take advice. Sometimes I lean too heavily on others; I’ve loved deeply, and suffered losses, but at the end of it all, I have no regrets.

Isy Forrester from In Too Deep by Elly Redding

I thought I had my life all sorted out; move to London with the man I love, and study law.  Only things didn’t quite turn out like that.  Suddenly, I was alone in a City I didn’t know.  I had to be strong, resourceful, and carry on regardless. 
But now I’m back in Devon, where it all started. My beloved father is poorly, and the questions I’ve tried so hard to bury, have returned, like an ever-spinning wheel.  Why did Jack send me away 6 years earlier?  Why do I still love him?  And how can I help?  Can I really solve the mystery of his past? Only things don’t go according to plan.  They never do with me, but I’m tenacious too. Only this time, I know I have to be careful, because I can’t afford to make the same mistake twice.  Not when it comes to matters of the heart.

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John Milburn from Children from Sinai by Shelley Clarke

My name is John Milburn, I was a Computer Science lecturer at Cambridge University. I enjoyed my work and was happy living a routine life being a good husband and father to twin daughters. Orphaned as a young child, I was raised by my aunt. Family is the most important thing to me.

I used to be more outgoing and a bit reckless in my youth but over the years became a bit staid.  Then the strange dreams started, and I discovered secrets from my parents’ past that put my family in danger and posed questions as to who I really was. We became caught up in a prophecy that was to change our lives and the world we knew. As events unfolded, I forgot about the modest, scared and confused person I was and the old daredevil in me surfaced. I suppose you could say I became a reluctant hero.

Captain Jesamiah from, Sea Witch series by Helen Hollick

Good day, Ma’am, Captain Jesamiah Acorne at your service. [Removes three-cornered hat, sweeps an elegant bow]. Me? I’m kindness itself, always happy to help... [a female voice calls from the background...] What? er... m’wife says I must be truthful, otherwise personal bits of m’self might shrivel up and drop off! [shudders] Well, I used to be a pirate back in the early 1700s – now, I do a bit of trading (legal) and a bit of smuggling [chuckles], I enjoy outsmarting the Revenue... landing a cargo beneath their very noses!

I’d lay my life down for m’ wife, although she insists she can look after herself. Daft wench. Governor Rogers of the Bahamas is under the misapprehension that I work for him as a spy. It’s a misunderstanding I’m still trying to put right...

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The Potential for Love - Arabella Malvin Speaks by Catherine Kullmann

I am no simpering miss. I do not relish flattery; my husband need not worship at my feet, nor will I kneel at his. I do not want a fashionable marriage where we live largely separate lives. We must be friends as well as lovers. After we are wed, he will not spend all his time at his clubs and other lounges, but will continue to seek me out and enjoy my company. We shall still dance and ride together but also value quiet evenings talking about everything and nothing, able to engage in friendly dispute where we benefit from the other’s opinions. Above all, he will respect me and ignore the rights the law accords him. We will cherish each other and our children, standing together in good times and in bad, each ready to support the other in a true and loving partnership. Do I ask too much?

You can find out more about my search for the right husband in Catherine Kullmann’s new novel The Potential for Love
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Mary Mercer, the mother-in-law of my main character Sir Francis Berkeley in Allegiance of Blood by Mark Turnbull

"How shall I describe myself? I am naught more than a god-fearing woman who doth love her family. An Irishwoman I shall always be, despite residing in England. If you further pressed me on discourse about my own character, I will reluctantly admit to being of a modest disposition. I am a wise judge in all matters and my opinions are oft proven most correct, therefore some do not hearken to me at their peril – namely my son-in-law, Sir Francis Berkeley. A lady of refined habits, methinks, and one who takes action, rather than dwelling upon thought or word. Of calm temperament, too, except when it comes to my aforementioned priggish son-in-law and his misguided support of King Charles. This is civil war. He doth not understand the peril such allegiance brings to my beloved stepdaughter and grandson, but I will take whatever action necessary to protect them both."

Jane Smith of Buried Treasure by Gilli Allan

I’ve been called prickly, a control freak, that I constantly need to prove myself.  It’s a defense mechanism I suppose. I grew up in the shadow of my brainy sister. I didn’t even try to compete, leaving school and getting a job as soon I could. But I was far too young and impressionable. When the boss took an interest in me, I was triumphant.  Handsomer, more charismatic and richer than my sister’s partner, he’d chosen ME!  It took a long time to realise the relationship was damaging, stripping me of confidence and self-esteem.
It’s taken a while. I may still be thin-skinned and easily undermined, but I’ve rebuilt myself.  I’m my own boss. The ‘Events’ career I’m developing has taken me to an elite university. In this environment my fragile certainties are under threat.  I‘m not stupid!  Beware anyone who looks down on me, who tries to patronize or underestimate me! 

Hassan from, Far Cry From The Turquoise Room, and also Seaview Terrace by Kate Rigby.

You would have me reveal? Me, a man of mystery!  You will hear me talk about myself in the third person, Hassan is, he was, he will be. He can be the party animal with lavishness and hilarity but beware the black dog when it comes.  Then he will draw the curtains and banish you from his room. Then how does he recover the buoyancy? 

Oh but he does. Just don’t ask him about loss and his favourite daughter arriving in his dreams.

People they love me anyway, and sometimes they hate me more.  They hate my flash cars and wealth but I have this dark thought of an ageing man, losing it all, homeless, drawn, you not recognising him and saying but surely this cannot be the Great Hassan?  For it is precarious, it could all come tumbling down like the card towers, all that was built – gone, kaput.

Daphne from Strays and Relations by Dizzy Greenfield

My name is Daphne. They used to describe me as steady and dependable, irreplaceable, but lately they don’t even bother to keep their voices down. Apparently, now I’m unreliable, temperamental and replaceable.

 I’ve always tried to keep my family warm and well-fed, but I’ve got old – and they can’t seem to make allowances. Only yesterday she said that I have trouble controlling my internal thermometer. And he said that I’m becoming a danger!

I suppose I have become more bad-tempered over the years. It was never so much fun round here after our child grew up and left– and then the ginger cat that used to clamber up of an evening went too.  I used to love it when all the lambs came in to keep warm and safe. I find it difficult to function as I used to, and today I found out my worst fears are about to happen.  I’m being replaced by a younger model.  A shiny new Aga, called Olivia.

I hate her already. I haven’t met her yet –and don’t want to – but I’ve heard all about her perfectly working thermostat and her lack of dents or scratches. What’s more, she’s arriving with a free set of saucepans AND A TEA TOWEL

And how do you compete with that!

Doreen from The Birthday Card and Sometimes It Happens… by Pauline Barclay

Blimey, what am I like? What a question. My girl would say I’m a pain in the butt, but she’s seventeen, enough said! I guess I’m fairly easy going. I try to take life with a smile and a giggle. I’m up for a laugh with the best of them and don’t shy away from letting my hair down and having a good time. This said, I’m not naïve enough to know that people see my as dizzy and common. And, I don’t miss how those in the office and warehouse, where I work as a cleaner, look down their beaks at me. It hurts, though I hide it well. Sometimes things happen that you could never imagine and it did after one of my visits to Mr Greedy’s corner shop.  It changed a lot of people’s thoughts about me. The funny thing is, I aint changed one bit, still dizzy. love having a laugh and common!

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What an eclectic mix of characters, I have enjoyed meeting all of them and learning about their varying personalities. I hope you have too and that you will delve further into their lives to learn their story and what made them who they are.

Thank you to all the wonderful authors who took the time to join in the fun and a special thank you to you for stopping by.

Have a fabulous day and I hope the sun is shining on your face and in your heart.




Helen Hollick said...

What a fine collection of books and characters - thanks for inviting my Captain Acorne to take part (he rather enjoyed himself)

Shelley Clarke said...

What super characters all of them! This is a fabulous idea and quite a novel one I think. Well done Pauline.

Catherine Kullmann said...

Thank you, Pauline. It was a pleasure to take part, and double pleasure to meet all the other characters. Ah, the joy of books!

Kate Jay-R said...

Thanks so much for letting Hassan loose on here, Pauline. He expected nothing less, haha!

I loved meeting these characters - especially the Pirate, Doreen and Daphne! But all of them great, and such a variety and from different eras.

Elly Redding said...

Thanks so much for inviting me, or should I say, Isy. She thoroughly enjoyed herself! x

Annie Whitehead said...

Thanks so much for allowing Aethelflaed to introduce herself Pauline. She's honoured to be among such wonderful characters!