Monday, 4 May 2020

A Fun Day at the Beach

With over a 190 direct hits on his short story, A Journey into the Amazon, Leighton returns with another wonderful, imaginative story, A Fun Day at the Beach. So grab your bucket and spade and settle down on the sand and join Leighton and his brother in their latest adventure…

A Fun Day at the Beach
By Leighton age 9

"Are we nearly there yet," I shouted excitedly, it felt like we had been in the car for ages. It’s always me that has to sit next to my little sister. Roo is 3 and she always falls asleep in the car, but always has to hold my hand and she snores very loudly.
"Five more minutes," Daddy said looking in the rear view mirror at us. As Daddy answered me, my mummy woke up. My Mummy is like Roo and always falls asleep in the car too. At last, we made it to the big carpark and we saw the sea, I was getting excited.

"Everyone out," Daddy shouted as we all jumped out of the car. I was extra prepared this morning and already had my black and red swimming shorts on. We walked onto the beach and our first job was to find a good spot. We like to go next to the lifeguard station as it is a big cabin and is easy to see, which means we can always find our way back to Mummy and Daddy when we go off to play.
When we have the perfect spot we get all our things out ready for a day at the beach. We have food, bodyboards, buckets and spades. Mummy and Daddy tell us the rules about the beach and how to stay safe and then we go off and start our adventure.
Teddy and I pick up our bodyboards and run towards the sea, this is the start of our adventure. Body boarding is so much fun, but the sea is rough today. We bob up and down in the water splashing each other and playing. When I look up I can’t see Mummy or Daddy anymore and the lifeguard cabin seems so far away. "Teddy we are going to get lost,” I shout." Let’s swim to shore and start heading back." Teddy shouted back, “Ok.” So we kicked and splashed and headed back to the beach. When we got to the beach we heard a strange noise. Right in front of us was a pirate digging in the sand. We knew he was a pirate because he had long curly hair and a big gold earring in his ear. I had seen a picture of a pirate, like this one, in a book I had read. "What are you doing?" I asked the pirate. He looked up and saw us watching him "Ahoy boy,’ he chuckled, “I’m just digging here, " he replied "Digging for what?" Teddy asked him. The pirate looked around and whispered, "For treasure, what else?" I started to get excited, a real life pirate digging for treasure "Can we help ?" I asked quickly. The pirate threw us a couple of spades and we started to dig too.
It felt like we were digging forever when suddenly my spade hit something hard. The pirate and Teddy came rushing over. “What have we here then?” the pirate asked bending down and looking at where my spade was. Together we pulled a big chest out of the sand and tugged it open. Inside the chest was a bright red football. The pirate lifted it out of the chest and then threw it down on the sand and began to cry. The pirate was not happy with a ball for treasure. “Best you take it,” he moaned and gave us the ball.

“Time for me to go,” the pirate said and he walked away. Teddy and I waved him off and watched as he climbed aboard his ship with big sails. Holding the ball, we watched the pirate's ship sail away. My tummy started rumbling so we thought it was time to head back to Mummy and Daddy.
Teddy and I ran across the sand heading towards the lifeguard cabin and soon enough we saw Mummy, Daddy and Roo. "Is it lunchtime yet," we both cried. “Come and sit down,” Daddy said as Mummy placed containers down with lots of sandwiches in. I could see my favourite ones too, sausages. We quickly ate our lunch, Teddy and I were starving.  Lunch over, we had time to play with our new red ball. We spent all afternoon playing and soon enough it was time to go home. We all got back into the car and again Mummy and Roo fell asleep for the whole journey.
I had such a great day at the beach and who would have believed we met a pirate!
The End.

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