Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Get Out There...

With no organized runs allowed and the cancellation of most if not all of the major runs in the UK, I was delighted to see that The Great North Run has brought out some amazing challenges to keep runners motivated and out pounding the streets. These challenges are known as the, Great Run Solo monthly challenge, and you can sign up for a challenge that best suits you.

Each challenge is for 28 days and you can sign up for… 50km / 75km / 100km / 150km or 280km. You even get a medal if you complete your challenge, and you can enter as many challenges as you like, so if you finish one and want to do another, just sign up again and off you go! Now how amazing is that!

I have signed up for 50km. This week I enter my third week and have already clicked up 43kms and still a few runs and 13 days to go. It looks like I could exceed my challenge.

If you are interested in taking on one of the challenges or just having a look, here is the link… Great Run Solo Go for it!

Good Luck!

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