Monday, 28 September 2020

Fiction has Nothing on Real Life...


The wonderful Kitty Costain talks about her meeting with Bertie Costain and how her life was to change forever in a way she could never have imagined. “Believe you me, fiction has nothing on real life.’ Kitty Costain.

 A wealthy widow, I am a strong, independent woman with my own successful florist business. I know my own mind and I see myself as confident and comfortable in my own skin. Little daunts me or stops me doing what I really want to, so when I met the charismatic, Bertie Costain, I was more than taken aback at the excitement I felt as he swept off my feet. Nothing prepared me for the this, wonderful, fun loving man, but there I was, besotted by this dapper man ten years my junior. Before I could draw breath and make sense of everything, he proposed, and caught up in his charm and attraction, I gladly accepted. We were married shortly after, and I readily moved into Bertie’s fabulous home in a fashionable suburb of London. Life was extravagant and Bertie knew no bounds on showering me with expensive gifts. Life was lived in the fast lane and I seemed to have it all. Everything was perfect or was I simply deluded wearing rose tinted spectacles? I had no time to ponder because my world, not only began to crumble, but teetered on the precipice of destruction. My new, frivolous, husband, held a secret, a dark secret that not only made our lifestyle exotic and privileged, but was the same source that could destroy it all.  The destruction came in a heartbeat. I was knocked off kilter and could hardly think straight. It took all my strength and much more. The resilience I have always had, thankfully, surfaced. Snatching the rose tinted glasses from my face, I saw my husband for what he was. Knowing his secret changed everything, some things I needed to change no matter how painful. Slowly, very slowly with the determination I had always prided myself on possessing, I began to build my life again accepting Bertie was a bitter lesson I had learnt or had I?

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