Saturday, 5 September 2020

Talking about why I started Chill Awards


Today, I am talking about why I started Chill Awards, at Book Marketing Buzz Blog


Pauline, what are the Chill Awards and what inspired you to launch them?


The Chill Awards were launched in September 2016 and the idea was, and still is, to shine a spotlight on Independent Author’s publications. In the earlier days of self-publishing authors were often met with criticism being compared to authors who had publishing contracts with one of the big publishing houses, and sometimes, seen as lesser writers. Nothing could be further from the truth; there are many beautiful books published from Independent authors. 


Within the publishing world there are awards, recognitions and societies that only allow authors with a … click HERE to read the full interview.


Ian said...

To receive one of these rewards is so encouraging in a difficult field. So many indie authors owe Pauline a huge debt of gratitude for helping us foreground our work in a crowded market. A huge thank you, Pauline, for your energy and good will!

Pauline Barclay said...

Thank you so much Ian for your kind words.