Monday, 13 September 2021

Beautifully Covers by Suzy Turner

Today, we’ve got it covered at PBHQ!!! Sorry about that, but today, I have a wonderful lady who I have been friends with for many years – social media and author friend – the lovely Suzy Turner. Suzy is talking about her fabulous pre-made covers that are also exclusive. Please make yourself comfortable with a bubbly drink and take a look at Suzy's designer covers.

I’m delighted to be here on Pauline’s blog today. Pauline and I have been author pals for almost as long as I’ve been writing books (over ten years now!), and she has always been such an amazing source of encouragement and support and I am so grateful to her for that. So when she invited me to write a guest post about my latest venture, I jumped at the chance!

As well as publishing my own books, I’ve recently begun another exciting adventure in the book world: Covers by Suzy—my new book cover design business. I’ve been designing my own book covers (and a few for a friend) for years and people kept telling me I should do it for others too. But it wasn’t until I started doing my own photography earlier this year, that I realised it might actually work. I began creating pieces of art (photography that is manipulated in Photoshop) that would work as book covers. So I launched Covers by Suzy.

And boy, am I loving every second of it! I’ve created quite a large selection so far, with new covers being added almost daily. I’m producing covers in a wide variety of genres including 
Action & AdventureMystery & Cosy MysteryComedyDramaRomance & Chick LitSteampunk & DystopiaYoung AdultUrban Fantasy & FantasyHorror & Thriller. However, I am always open to other genres and ideas!

After finishing my A’ levels, I worked for a newspaper, learning all about page-making and ad design, but I never did any formal training. It wasn’t until I started writing fiction many years later that I really got into the creative process and began attempting my own book covers. In the early days though, I paid other designers to create covers for me, because mine weren’t quite up to scratch. But, being one of those people who likes to do everything herself (!), I was itching to do it. So, I watched endless Youtube videos, I read books on the subject and took a few online courses, and practised as much as possible until I felt confident enough to do it. Fast forward to 2021 and I felt ready to finally produce book covers for other authors, and I think because I’m an author myself, I know what it’s like. This is the reason why my pre-made covers are so affordable. When you're first starting out in indie publishing, you might not want to spend a lot of money on a cover.

If you’re an author looking for a book cover, I hope you’ll check out Covers by Suzy, and let your author pals know. Also, as mentioned above, I’m open to ideas and constructive criticism so do let me know your thoughts. You can find Covers by Suzy on Facebook too.

Pauline, thank you so much for having me on your wonderful blog!

Thank you, Suzy for telling us about your covers. I have taken a look and they are stunning. I know you are going to be very successful at offering these fabulous, PRE-MADE Covers. Indie authors, please take a look at Suzy Covers, you won’t be disappointed.

As always, thank you for calling by PBHQ I hope you love Suzy's covers as much as I do.  I’m now away to continue writing book 2 in my Gardner and Chattaway cosy mystery series.

Until next time, I hope the sun is shining on your face and in your heart.

Pauline x




Suzy, The Grey Brunette said...

Pauline, thank YOU so much for featuring me on your fabulous blog. I am so incredibly grateful to you for your support.
Huge hugs
Suzy xx

Pauline Barclay said...

Suzy, you are more than welcome. And your covers are stunning.
P xxx